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KTI SafetyAlert EPIRB - SA1G

KTI SafetyAlert EPIRB - SA1G

KTI SafetyAlert EPIRB


KTI SafetyAlert SA1G EPIRBs incorporate a 66 channel GPS receiver which is accurate to 1.8 metres and provides the highest possible search-and-rescue location accuracy. Once activated, the SA1G will continue to transmit an updated GPS location every five minutes for over three days.

The SafetyAlert SA1G has an in-built high intensity strobe light for visual detection at night or in poor visibility and provides its GPS location to search-and-rescue authorities within one minute of activation.

The SafetyAlert SA1G EPIRB is extremely cost effective and low maintenance due to an engineering world first COSPAS/SARSAT approved 10 Year Battery. The SafetyAlert SA1G is designed to go the distance so you may have complete confidence on land or at sea.

SA1G: Highlights

  • Frequencies: 406.040 MHz and 121.500 MHz (homing signal)
  • Battery: Non hazmat lithium iron disulfide, 20 year shelf life, 10 year replacement
  • Size: 250 mm x 80 mm diameter
  • Weight: 860 g
  • Antenna: 265 mm flexible blade, marine grade stainless steel
  • Buoyancy: Floats with antenna vertical
  • Strobe: High intensity photo-flash, sequenced in an attention attracting double flash
  • Activation: Manual switch with test facility
  • 66 channel GPS receiver
  • 5 minute position updates
  • Accurate to 1.8 metres
  • Approvals: COSPAS-SARSAT C/S T.001, AS/NZS 4280

SA1G: In the box

  • KTI SafetyAlert EPIRB - SA1G
  • Quick release mounting bracket
  • Instruction manual


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