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Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm Jar - 50g

Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm Jar - 50g

Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm

Jar - 50mL

Ultra Pace Foot Balm comes in a jar enabling you to apply the product in desired thickness to those areas that you want cover. It is more versatile than a roll-on or stick based product when it comes to applying the product to certain areas, e.g. between the toes, and to some other places that ultra-runners only too well understand. It is designed to protect your feet from blisters, but can also be used for protection from skin chafing.

The increased lubricity provided by Ultra Pace Foot Balm will help to reduce the frictional forces, and the heat generated by the frictional forces when the foot strikes the ground. The water repellency means that the product will continue to work in wet conditions. The vegetable oils and waxes will help to moisturise and thereby soften your skin.

Striderm recommends that you apply Ultra Pace Foot Balm whenever you expect your feet to be exposed to blister forming frictional forces, remembering to include those difficult-to-get areas of skin that are subject to chafing. The product is ideal for ultra-marathon and marathon runners, for trail runners and walkers, for any sport that involves a high level of foot contact with the ground, for trekking and hiking. Of course, it can be used for everyday comfort for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Therefore, why don't you make Striderm Ultra Pace Foot Balm your first choice for protection against foot blisters and skin chafing your extreme/endurance activities.


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