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  • 32Gi Race Pro Sports Drink - Chocolate- 900 g Tub

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Who should use Race Pro?
Serious ultra or stage racing athletes pushing themselves over the distance. Race Pro is a convenient easy to use single fuel source which allows you to perform at your best.

- Advanced Super Carbohydrate / Protein Formula
- Contains HBCD (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) Super Carbohydrate 
- Accelerated Gastric Emptying Rate
- High Absorption Rate
- Plant based Protein to assist in prevention of muscle fatigue
- Easy on the digestive system
- Immediate and Sustained Energy
- Fatigue Delay Mechanism
- Real Chocolate 
- Delicious Tasting
- Uniquely designed for long training, racing and stage racing events
- High carbohydrate uptake ability 
- Variable Serving Size according to individual needs
- Vegan Suitable

    Depending on athlete weight and carbohydrate requirements there are 2 serving options


    Mix 4 scoops of Race Pro with 650-750ml water
    56grams Carbohydrates 
    8.7grams Protein 


    Mix 5-7 scoops of Race Pro with 650-750ml water
    73grams – 98grams Carbohydrates
    11.6grams– 15.2grams Protein


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