Part No: battery-18650-usb-rechargeable

  • Nitecore Battery 18650 USB Rechargeable (2600mAh)

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High-Performance Li-ion Rechargeable Battery NL1826R

  • Integrated Micro-USB Charging Port

  • Internal Safety Features

  • Certified by International Standards
  • Similar to its older brother, the Nitecore 18650 - 2600 mAh is designed for the same level of high performance but at a slight reduced output. Thanks to the 2600 mAh battery, the 18650 is capable of putting out a heavy performance when in use in your flashlight of choice.

    It comes with an integrated Micro-USB charging port, numerous safety capabilities and designed to power your lighting for as long as possible.

      Check out some features of this high-performing battery:

    • Long lasting lighting power
    • Has a built in PTC to curtail high currency surges
    • Has a microporous barrier to shield its fragile interior areas.
    • Comes with a pressure relief valve to balance the effect of any fast temperature increase.
    • Smart charging tech to protect against overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit
    • Affordable and easily available in the market
    • Compatible with so many different light accessories
    • Environmentally friendly and has a high quality battery protection IC.

    One word for the 18650 - if you miss the 3200 mAh, don't miss the 26mAh!

Battery Capacity (mAh) 2600
Battery Chemistry No
Accessory to Fit Nitecore Flashlight
Dealer No