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  • Nitecore NBP52

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NBP52 Purpose-Designed for Nitecore TM Series Flashlights

  • Offers up to double the runtime of (CR123A) lithium primary batteries

  • Provides better cooling for optimal overall performance and increased longevity
  • High Capacity

    Actual measured capacity is approximately 65Wh, which is the equivalent of eight 18650 batteries, providing double the runtime of eight lithium CR123A batteries.

    High Precision

    A LTC power management chip manufactured by Linear Technologies provides intelligent, regulated charging performance which extends battery longevity and ensures an optimal charge every time. Overcharged and discharged protection and automatically selects the appropriate charge mode.

      Three Charging Methods

    • Connect the NBP52 to a TM series flashlight to charge directly.
    • Use the rapid charging port (2A / 4.5mm plug) with optional turbo adaptor.
    • Integrated 1A/3.5mm charging port can be used with included TM15/TM26 AC adaptor.

      Charging Indicator Light

      The NBP52 features a blue light that indicates various states of charge.

    • Under normal charging conditions, the blue indicator will blink rapidly.
    • When charging is almost complete, the blue indicator will blink slowly.
    • When charging is complete, the blue indicator will illuminate steadily.
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Accessory to Fit Nitecore Flashlight
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