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  • Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme Roll On - 50 mL

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Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme

Roll On - 50mL

When you apply Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme to your skin, it is covered by a smooth colourless, non-greasy coating that you hardly know is there. It reduces friction, is water repellent, and does not lock moisture into the skin. The ingredients work immediately upon application, and are more mobile on the skin than wax based products.

The other great thing about Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme is that is does not contain water. This means that it will not sting when applied to already abraded skin surfaces.

Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme is suitable for use under wetsuits, and other specialised sporting attire, e.g. shorts, skirts, bras, singlets, tri-suits, compression garments, cycle nicks, and socks. You can also use it under any activity aids such as hydro packs and MP3/mobile phone carriers.

The Roll-On delivery system makes for ease of application and enables you to apply the protective ingredients directly to those areas that you want to protect from skin chafing and foot blisters. The roll-on system is reputed to be more robust than a wax-stick system.

Striderm recommends that you use Anti Chafe Extreme to protect your skin from chafing and foot blisters whenever you expect your skin or feet to be exposed to sweat or frictional forces for extended periods, e.g. pre-season and in-season intense training sessions, competition, endurance events such as marathons and ultra-marathons, triathlons, adventure races, trail runs and walks, paddling and the industrial workplace.

Therefore, why don't you make Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme your first choice for protection against skin chafing and foot blisters during your extreme/endurance activities.