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  • Striderm Sports Massage Lotion Bottle - 125 mL

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Striderm Sports Massage Lotion

Bottle - 125mL

Striderm Sports Massage Lotion is a topical lotion formulated for pre and post-activity massage.

Striderm Sports Massage Lotion is carefully formulated around a cream base that provides a good feel on the skin. The cream base of the massage lotion facilitates easy massaging of the product into the selected body areas.

The cream base also contains the essential oils - wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, and melaleuca oil. These combine to leave a mild residual heat in the massaged area. This means that the product is also ideal for the person who does not enjoy those products that leave a more intense warming feel.

You should use Striderm Sports Massage Lotion for pre-event and post-event massage. For best results, use your preferred massage technique(s), or, better still, get someone else to do it for you! Of course, you can use it any other time that you feel the need for a warming massage.

Remember that you should only rub the Sports Massage Lotion onto unbroken skin. If you have a symptom that persists, then you should seek appropriate professional advice.