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  • Suunto Core - All Black

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Black composite housing with rotating black aluminium bezel. Negative display. Mineral crystal lens. Black elastomer strap.
RRP $349.99
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  • Built in Altimeter
  • Built in Barometer with Storm Warning
  • Compass with Rotating Bezel
  • Diving Depth Measurement to 10 Metres
  • Sunrise / Sunset Time
  • Renowned Worldwide for Outdoor Adventure Watches
Essential equipment for the vertically inclined, the Suunto Core is the professional benchmark for ABC wristops.

You look up and see stars. But your Suunto Core sees an approaching squall. And it tells you with the Storm Alarm - one of several intelligent features that can help you make consistently good decisions. Building on the success of the venerable Suunto Vector, the Suunto Core keeps you informed with a super-accurate altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, Weather Trend Indicator and digital compass.

The pressure gauge operates in four distinct modes, including an automatic setting that senses your movement or lack thereof, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. The compass features a rotating bezel for traditional use, or a one-touch function that allows you to sight, lock and follow a bearing. Daily functions include dual time, date, alarm, sports chronograph and predicted times for sunrise and sunset.

Suunto Core - Altimeter
Accurate to 30,000 feet, the Suunto Core altimeter is a valuable tool for mountaineering, backcountry skiing and wilderness travel. It displays your current elevation, shows how much you’ve climbed or descended, and records your entire session for later analysis.

Suunto Core - Barometer
A veritable weather station on your wrist, the Suunto Core barometer measures and records air pressure to help you predict changing conditions, from sunny skies to hair-bending electrical storms.

Suunto - Auto Alti/Baro
An altimeter measures air pressure to determine altitude, while a barometer measures air pressure to determine barometric pressure. If you leave your watch in altimeter mode while hanging out at camp, an incoming low-pressure front will read
as a gain in altitude. Thus, it’s important to choose the right mode for your activity: altimeter for climbing, and barometer for hanging out at camp. The Suunto Core makes it easy to manually choose the proper mode for your activity.

The Suunto Core features an automatic Alti/Baro mode that senses movement or lack thereof, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. When you’re climbing, it records changes in elevation. And when you stop to rest, it records
changes in barometric pressure. A drop in air pressure while you’re sleeping under the stars will be recorded for what it really is: a change in barometric pressure, not altitude.

Suunto - Weather Trend Indicator
What’s the forecast? Check your wrist. The Weather Trend Indicator shows the barometric history for the last three and six hours, helping you predict the weather with amazing accuracy. What’s more, it’s not a regional forecast posted earlier in the day, but rather, the most current information about the weather directly overhead, whether you’re hiking, biking or enjoying a cup of Joe with the morning paper.(rdc)

Suunto - Storm Alarm
Setting up your tent in a downpour. Heading farther from shore as a storm gathers. Starting up a climb with thunderheads in the distance. The Suunto Storm Alarm can help you avoid these situations. Activated by a rapid drop in air pressure over
a three-hour period, the Storm Alarm sounds and flashes, letting you know that something unpleasant is fast approaching.

Suunto - Compass
The digital compass on the Suunto Core is a great tool for keeping track of direction while skiing, hiking or exploring a new city. You can set and follow a bearing with a traditional rotating bezel, or simply point the top of the watch toward your intended destination and lock it in.

Suunto - Sunrise/Sunset
Maximize your daylight hours and never miss another alpenglow photo with daily sunrise and sunset times on the Suunto Core. Just set your continent, region and city, and you’ll always know how much daylight remains for safe climbing, skiing and off-trail travel.(rdc)

Suunto - Depth Meter
Head into the surf, and the Suunto Core shifts from air to water pressure, providing accurate depth readings to 10 meters / 30 feet.

Suunto - Parlez-vous Franca is?
The Suunto Core does it in French, as well as English, German and Spanish. You can easily select one of the four languages along with other personal preferences.
Real-time vertical cumulative value Yes
Temperature compensation Yes
Total Ascent Descent Yes
User-removable logbook files Yes
Automatic Alti/Baro switch Yes
Automatic 7 day Alti-Baro memory Yes
Resolution 1 m
Recording intervals 1s, 5s, 30s, 60s
Altimeter/barometer lock Yes
Altitude range -500m - 9000m/-1600ft - 29500ft Yes
Difference measurement Yes
Log graph Yes
Logbook function Yes
Lockable logs Yes
Countdown timer Yes
Stopwatch Yes
North-South indicator North indicator
Guided calibration Yes
Heading in degrees Yes
Declination setting Yes
Cardinal directions Yes
Bearing tracking Yes
Languages 4 language menu (DE,EN,ES,FR)
Depth meter Yes
Button lock Yes
Rotating bezel Yes
12/24h Yes
Sunrise sunset times Yes
Calendar clock Yes
Dual time Yes
Daily alarms 1
Alarm Snooze Yes
Temperature resolution 1°C/1°F
Weather memory 7 days
Trend indicator Yes
Trend graph Yes
Temperature range -20°C - +60°C/-5°F - +140°F
Altimeter/barometer lock Yes
Temperature Yes
Sea level pressure Yes
Difference measurement Yes
Barometer resolution 0,05 inHg/1 mbar Yes
Barometer range 8,9 -32,4 inHg/300-1100 mbar Yes
Storm alarm Yes
Low battery warning Yes
User replaceable battery Yes
Weight 200 g
Operating temperature -20°C - +60°C/-5°F - +140°F
User replaceable straps Yes
Water resistance 30m/100ft with uw buttons
Storage temperature -30°C - +60°C/-22°F - +140°F
Selectable metric/imperial units Yes
Mineral crystal glass Yes
Menu-based user interface Yes
Dot-matrix display Yes
Backlight type Electro-
luminescent Display
Backlight option for night use Yes