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Discover top sports and fitness tech at Highly Tuned Athletes, Australia's go-to for athletes and fitness fans. In Hampton, VIC, find GPS watches, heart rate monitors, and fitness trackers to boost your training. Ideal for any athlete or fitness beginner, our experts offer personalised advice and quality gear to achieve your fitness goals.

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Step into Highly Tuned Athletes for an exclusive range of elite sports and fitness technology, complemented by top-tier nutrition brands like GU Energy and Hammer. Our selection includes renowned tech brands such as Garmin, Polar, and Suunto, ensuring we meet all your athletic needs. Whether you're searching for the latest in training gear or the best in sports nutrition, our extensive collection caters to every level of fitness ambition.

Garmin Fenix 7 Series

Shop Now Garmin Fenix 7 Series: Premium, durable smartwatch with GPS, heart rate monitoring, and advanced outdoor features.

Garmin Epix Series

Shop Now Garmin Epix Series: Sleek, advanced smartwatch with high-resolution display, GPS, and multifunctional fitness tracking.


Shop Now Highlytunedathletes sports nutrition range with energy bars, supplements, and drinks for athletic performance.


Shop Now Assorted sports accessories from Highly Tuned Athletes, including wearables, gear, and training tools.

Heart Rate Sensors

Shop Now Range of heart rate monitors, including arm bands and chest straps, for precise fitness and health tracking.


Shop Now Variety of athletic socks from Highly Tuned Athletes, featuring different lengths and performance-enhancing designs.

Handheld GPS

Shop Now Selection of handheld GPS devices from Highly Tuned Athletes, designed for outdoor navigation and tracking.

Health Scales

Shop Now Assortment of health scales from Highly Tuned Athletes, featuring digital and smart technology for fitness tracking.

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