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BeatsX Review

BeatsX is the newest earphones to be released by Apple.

A significant addition to Beats is the W1 chip, which allows for easy pairing and switching between Apple devices. All you need to do is turn the headphones on and press connect once promoted. As it is paired users can check battery life with a custom icon displaying BeatsX.

If you haven’t heard yet, Apple AirPods have been released on the market and are one the newest innovation from Apple. However, if you’re after better sound, better fit and earphones to use whilst working out, Airpods might not be the best option.

With BeatsX, the form and sound are completely different to other earphones. BeatsX prioritises not only it’s design aesthetics but materials.

One example of this is the soft touch material developed to feel comfortable and repel moisture.

Other design features included a flex cable for all day wear and magnetic ear tips. The magnetic tip isn’t just for looks, it allows for the earphones to be secure and keep them tangle free.

For the sound, BeatsX isn’t heavily emphasising low and mid tones, though bass is definitely pronounced (signature sound from Beats).

With battery life, BeatsX is more than enough for any days use. Rated for 8 hours use, BeatsX has a Fast Fuel feature providing 2 hours of playback with 5 minutes of charge. So you’re in any trouble, 5 minutes charge offers a significant boost in battery life.

As an overall package BeatsX provide a versatile solution for those who are active daily and want a clean sound signature from their headphones. For workouts, it’s perfect for running, cycling and other similar workouts. Other features including the W1 chip, magnetic tips, soft touch materials and overall design, make BeatsX a compelling all in one active earphone package.

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