Tips & Tricks - September 30, 2016

Benefits of 24/7 Tracking

24/7 tracking. Why should you wear your watch to bed and work?

So let’s start with explaining what 24/7 tracking is. If you haven’t gathered it tracks you pretty much every second you’re breathing. Now, you might have your reservations at first but let’s apply some practical use cases from experience.

Living a busy work-life it can be hard to achieve fitness goals in your personal time. This effect is compounded in winter, as it really is the months to hibernate. However, having a simple reminder on your wrist with the amount of steps you’ve walked is more than just that. It prompts you to take the longer way, take the stairs and walk the dog.

The other use case is tracking sleep. I’ve used multiple apps on my mobile however I’ve been especially uneasy with using my phone right before bed. I’ve also found it’s too easy for tracking to be inaccurate from a phone, as it can easily knock.

However, 24/7 tracking via a fitness tracker is different. The reason is, the watch is stuck to your wrist. As a result, the tracking information received is incredibly accurate. At times I’ve had incredible sleep with few overall hours (e.g. 5 hours) and other times I’ve felt the opposite with more overall sleep (e.g. 8 hours). The case for the fenix 3 is that deep and poor sleep were tracked within 10 minutes across the night. I remember waking up in the night and it knew exactly when.

So what was causing poor sleep?

One example that contributed was working out too soon before bed.

Now, if you work out you’re most likely aware your brain releases chemicals such as Epinephrine (adrenaline – which wakes you up). I learned this the hard way when after going for a late run I couldn’t sleep until 2 AM and had a poor sleep afterwards – which was an extreme case.

 But having this tracking allows you to try other things. Such as not having a coffee after 12 PM or 6 PM.

So If you’re struggling to go for a run, ride, workout at the gym, or having poor sleep, make sure you wear your watch.

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