Tips & Tricks - February 28, 2017

Benefits of Pressure Testing Watches

So why get your watch pressure tested?

If you swim or dive, over time a seal from a watch can deteriorate due to wear. Additionally, when changing a battery it is important to seal the watch to maintain its resistance rating. Therefore, if you subject a watch to such conditions where water is exposed it’s imperative to test your watch. This will ensure you project your watch from water damage.

At our main location in Hampton, we’ve invested significant resources with an in-house repair facility with equipment worth over 10,000 dollars. This equipment offers cutting edge results in a dry environment, supplying full data logging and graphical analysis.

Our state of the art system can test a 100-metre water resistance rating. Along with watches, our team and facilities can test heart rate straps, to allow your equipment to be in a working state.

If you have any other queries relating to any other services, give us a call on 03 9598 7888 or send us an email.

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