Product Reviews - November 22, 2016

Christmas Made Easy

Struggling to think of some Christmas ideas, or just need to provide a subtle hint, here is our Christmas gift guide for 2016.

Polar M200

We first start off with the Polar M200, one the most anticipated running watches of 2016. With its groundbreaking price of $199, this no-frills watch provides the ultimate running metrics at a fraction of the price. With features such as built-in optical Heart Rate, GPS, training software, smartphone notifications and 24/7 tracking is rivalling the best in the market.

Suunto Spartan Sport

If you know or are a Suunto fan, then the Suunto Spartan Sport is a must have. With a whole design, the spartan sport is now a completely new experience compared to its predecessors. The biggest change is the colour screen, which it’s high detail and touch screen. Within our offices, we believe the Suunto has the better screen over the Garmin fenix 3.

Other improvements include improved battery life, a major software update and cosmetic design. The newest software improvements allow for up to 80 different activities, so tracking your activities should be no hassle.

Evolve skateboards

If you know someone who is different, then it’s probably an idea to get them something equal to their personality. The evolve skateboards GT series is just that. The GT electric skateboards create a new rush with the ultimate portability and practicality. With its amazing range of up to 50 kilometres and top speed of 42 kilometres per hour.

Edge 820

The edge 820 is the update the cycling fanatics have been waiting for. It’s updated feature set along with hardware has provided necessary and useful benefits for the users. One of the best new features is the Maps, which also feature navigation. Other features include a touch screen, improved software, group track (to see who is shouting out coffee next) varia connectivity and emergency alert.

TomTom Touch

Lastly, the TomTom touch now is one of the newest activity trackers released on the market. The stand out feature for the TomTom touch is the BMI (Body Mass Index) sensor. The BMI calculations are achieved with a bioimpedance sensor which sends a signal through the sensor and you’re body – yes this actually happens.

With the TomTom touch built as an activity tracker, it does exactly what you would expect from such a device. With a comfortable, simple and reasonably thin design this is perfect for those after tracking their calories and activity.

If you have any questions related to any products purchased, visit in store or chat with us via phone or email.

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