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fenix 3 from Garmin announced

Garmin have created a stir with their recent announcement regarding the soon to be released Garmin fenix 3. At a quick glance, the fenix 3 is the natural progression from its predecessor the fenix 2, boasting many new features recently seen in the Forerunner 920XT, as well as some unique to the fenix 3.

fenix 3: Features

Improvements over the fenix 2 include a high-resolution 1.2″ chroma colour display, built-in activity tracker, the addition of GLONASS satellite support combined with downloadable satellite data (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection) for ultra fast GPS locks, water resistance doubled to 100 ATM (100 metres), downloadable apps from the Connect IQ store, a trail running mode, storm alerts, Virtual Racer, and even a metronome for running/cycling cadence training. The top of the range Sapphire model boasts a scratch-resistant domed Sapphire lens and stronglink metal (316 stainless steel) band, reinforcing the appearance and durability of the model.

fenix 3: Looks

What’s really ground-breaking is that Garmin have achieved all this in what is essentially a luxurious dress watch. Aside from numerous aesthetic enhancements, the fenix 3 utilises a steel EXO GPS/GLONASS antenna, which greatly reduces the bulk and weight synonymous with GPS multisport watches. So now you can get the best of both worlds: a smart watch with GPS multisport features in a watch that you’re proud to wear every day and for every occasion.

fenix 3: Apps

The fenix 3 is now the second watch (the Forerunner 920XT being the first) that Garmin has announced that can run apps downloadable from the Connect IQ store (which is now open). With this addition, Garmin is offering a complete solution which is sure to be worrying Apple and Samsung whose current or planned wearable technology is now looking meagre in comparison to the fenix 3.

fenix 3: Release

At the time of writing, the fenix 3 is due to be released late January to early February. With so much hype surrounding its release, customers are advised to pre-order a fenix 3 as soon as possible to guarantee that they receive their watch upon release.

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