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Fenix 5 – New Features & Initial Impressions

The Garmin fenix 5 has just been announced. We have an all round guide to explain the changes with the next generation watch from Garmin.

The fenix 5 now comes with three different variants, the fenix 5S/ 5/5X. The differences are minor with size being the biggest differentiator. As a result sizes are suited for different preferences and other feature sets. The big differences with the new range are battery life and mapping abilities, especially significant for hiking or riding. All round improvements include slimmer optical H.R profile, improved screen and quickfit band release kit.

The new design is aimed at catering towards the growing demand for fitness GPS watches across many different buyers. The traditional fenix 3 is of a significant size on many wrists and is believed to hinder its appeal to younger and female buyers. Now with the fenix 5S it is 10mm smaller in width and significantly lighter. These design changes will appeal to many new buyers, especially if long battery life isn’t a necessary feature.

Battery life remains the same in contrast to the fenix 3. The fenix 5 and 5x with GPS on, can achieve a respectable 24 hours compared to its smaller cousin with 13 hours. If you demand more than battery life the ultratrac mode is available to more than double battery life. With the addition of a gyroscope in the new range, ultratrac allows for up to 75 hours battery life with later software improvements to aim towards 100 hours.

Although the range of new watches have similar feature sets the main difference between fenix 5 and 5x are the “advanced features”. These features are pre-loaded with maps, turn by turn assistance, Points of interest, waypoints,  map objects and elevation information.

Advanced Features Summary:

Road Trip Ride/Round Trip Run

– This allows runners and cyclists to enter a distance they would like to travel and have the watch suggest appropriate courses

Glanceable, Easy to read Guidance

– Provides banners that show upcoming turn cues

Around Me

-New map mode that will provide POI, waypoints and other map object within the display ring for a user defined range

Data Overlays on Map Screen

  • Informative banners that show specific information so you do not have to switch screens while in an activity

Future Plot

  • With elevation information pre-loaded on the watch, fenix 5X displays a graph of the expected elevation changes ahead.

Quickfit is another new addition to the fenix 5 range which will allows changing the look of the fenix quickly with easy bands. Bands are available in leather, silicone or metal options. If you purchase a sapphire model, a spare silicone band is supplied.

To summarise the fenix 5 keeps all of it’s best features and caters to a wider range of buyers. With it’s lighter and smaller design with the fenix 5S and improved functionality with fenix 5X, these watches will mark the beginning of the next generation of smart fitness watches.

To purchase or inquire about a fenix 5 give us a call or send us an email. Pre-orders are now been taken with an expected release date to communicated soon.

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