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FIRMWARE UPDATE: Garmin Edge 800 changes made from 2.00 to 2.10

A few days ago, Garmin released a Firmware update to the Edge 800. Being the first such update, it contains all the most obvious and requested changes and therefore is highly recommended to all Edge 800 owners.

Check out the update on Garmin’s Edge 800 Updates & Downloads page: HERE

Changes made from version 2.00 to 2.10:

* Improved Auto Pause behavior.
* Corrected issues that could cause incorrect speeds to be recorded.
* Improved auto wheel calibration especially for PowerTap power meters.
* Added a torque reading to the calibration page for Powertap power meters.
* Removed DeleteFiles folder.
* Allow the device to operate in normal mode with external power.
* Corrected issues that could corrupt activity files which would not allow them to be uploaded to Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center.
* Improved keyboard layout, input, and design.
* Made improvements to the elevation profile.
* Added an activity reset reminder.
* Improved how the device responds when the screen has been locked.
* Added a factory default reset in MENU -> Settings -> System -> Initial Setup.
* Added the ability to view details for an activity that has not been reset.
* Data fields should now report correct time and distance while navigating.
* Corrected issues caused by removing an SD card while navigating.
* Corrected Auto Scroll issues.
* Corrected issues drawing the current activity on raster maps.
* Made improvements to the Virtual Partner.
* Added memory full warning message.
* Corrected issue that could prevent activities from being able to be deleted.
* Route recalculation can now be turned off in MENU -> Settings -> System -> Routing -> Recalculate.
* Added a day/night color mode setting in MENU -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Color Mode.
* Sensor settings will now be correctly maintained when merging FIT setting and sport files.
* Corrected issues with weight scale data recording and communication.
* Corrected issue that could cause lap calories to be reset after a power cycle.
* Corrected issue that could cause workouts, courses, and locations to not be displayed in their respective lists.
* Corrected issue that could cause data field changes on the map or elevation training pages to not be saved.
* Lap markers in a course will now be recorded correctly while following the course.
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