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Forerunner 35 Comparison

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is the newest addition to the low cost fitness wearable market. It adds a series of features normally reserved for more expensive fitness watches. The most notable new feature is the optical heart rate. Further additions include smart features, smart notifications, 24/7 tracking (including sleeping, walking and sitting down) plus Bluetooth, sharper display and improved software.

The initial asking price for forerunner 35 is $299 which is reasonable considering what is it offering.

See specs sheet below of a comparison of other Garmin products:


Forerunner 25 Forerunner 35 Forerunner 235 fenix 3
Basic running metrics Basic running metrics Medium to advanced running metrics Advanced running metrics
No software Basic software Full software Full software
Monochrome display Monochrome display Colour display Colour display
No optical H.R Optical H.R Optical H.R Optical H.R – optional
No tracking 24/7 tracking 24/7 tracking 24/7 tracking
No bluetooth Bluetooth (notifications) Bluetooth (notifications) Bluetooth (notifications)
No multisport apps No multisport apps Some multisport apps All multisport apps
No ABC functionality No ABC functionality No ABC functionality ABC (for outdoors)
RRP: $219 RRP: $299 RRP: $469 RRP: 729


If you skipped above, the Forerunner 35 is perfect for running considering it’s price. It fits well between the other watches garmin offer and has the best features from the forerunner 235 and fenix 3. With it’s updated look and feel, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an adoption of this watch for everyday use.

In fact, this is exactly what the Forerunner 35 is. Updated looks and software allow the user to feel happy wearing their device in public and having the practical functionality of 24/7 tracking.

Comparing to the competition the price is high but reasonable. An example is the fitbit blaze, it lacks GPS, water resistance and optical heart rate.

The TomTom Spark on other hand is priced from $219, however the base model doesn’t include optical heart rate. At additional cost you can get optical heart rate however the Spark isn’t exactly the most attractive watch. If you want the Spark it’s main party trick is it’s price, it has GPS and can allow for music playback (at an additional cost)

In summary, if you want good running watch, optical heart rate, 24/7 tracking and want it too look good, the forerunner 35 is the perfect watch.

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