Tips & Tricks - June 12, 2012

Garmin 910xt Firmware Update v2.5 Now available

v2.5 Firmware update available today and is available at this link –

It includes the following changes:

Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50:
  • Fixed several problems causing shutdowns during biking and running activities.
  • Corrected several instantaneous pace calculation issues.
  • Major modifications and additions to Bike Power functionality:
    1. Improved support for power based workouts.
    2. Added new power metrics (Training Stress Score (TSS), Intensity Factor (IF), Normalized Power (NP), kJ).
    3. Automatically modify power zones when functional threshold power (FTP) changes.
    4. Improvements to power sensor calibration process.
    5. Added support for left right power balance.
    6. Added support for 3, 10, and 30s power smoothing.
  • Improved accuracy of distance calculations for pool swim.
  • Rest times are no longer included in the average pace calculation for pool swim.
  • Distance alerts for pool swim will now occur during the last length before completing the configured distance.
  • Swim distance alert will now reset after pressing lap button.
  • Corrected issues displaying history for open water swims.
  • Improved calorie calculations during swim mode.
  • Corrected issue with barometer calibration improving initial elevation readings.
  • Corrected issue where sudden changes in the elevation could be observed on the watch.
  • Fixed problem with auto-scroll that could potentially cause a device malfunction.
  • Added ability for the user to enter ANT+ IDs for all sensor types.
  • Added sensor details page for all ANT+ sensors.
  • Prevented HR alerts from occurring when user was in the correct zone.
  • Improved accuracy of battery charge information.
  • Improved foreign language translations.

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