New Products - August 30, 2010

Garmin Edge 800

One of the most common questions we get asked around here is “when is Garmin bringing out something new”.
Especially from cyclists who are always keen on new tech..
Well Finally I can give you the answer of late October, (well at least before Christmas 2010)
Garmin are bringing out the upgrade to the Edge 705 – with the Edge 800.
I am not going to provide a full review for the following reasons,

1) We haven’t got our hands on it just yet.
2) After DC rainmaker has done a review there is not much more I can add.

Follow this link for a look at DC rainmakers review of the Edge 800

DC Rainmaker Edge 800 Review

Below are a couple of the functions the Edge 800 has this I find interesting and think will be useful.

It will feature Satellite imagery – know as Birdseye Satellite Imagery

Subscribers to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery can quickly transfer high-resolution satellite images to Edge 800 and seamlessly integrate those images into the onscreen maps to get a true representation of the surroundings. And Garmin’s Custom Maps can bring the details, labels and landmarks of your existing paper or electronic map to Edge 800 in just a few simple steps. (Not available off the shelf model – has an additional subscription fee)

Touch Screen
I am a fan of touch screen myself I find it a bit easier just to touch the screen rather than use button to navigate the menu so I was happy to hear the Edge 800 is touch screen as well as having kept the to button to assist navigation. After reading DC rainmakers review I would be happy to say that it still keeps the touch screen functionality while using gloves.
Also with the other Garmin Edge models it supports ANT + transmitters. So it will compatible with your old Garmin or ANT+ heart rate strap, ANT+ Power meters and speed cadence sensors.

UPDATE: BE QUICK to Pre-order your unit now.

Garmin Edge 800 is selling fast. We have never had a product sell so well “Sight Unseen”. The first batch is now sold out and our 2nd batch has been bought forward to meet the demand. Plus its not even due for another 2 to 3 weeks. Get your Pre-Order in now to avoid dissapointment as this new touch screen and birds eye mapping unit from Garmin is going to be this years hottest Xmas product.

We have trippled our orders now, but we still expect these to not to meet the Xmas demand.

Pre-order with 10% deposit to secure yours now and avoid dissapointment.

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