New Products - February 02, 2011

Garmin External battery pack for Edge and Forerunner series

Today Garmin announced the release of the new External battery pack with Solar charging ability.

This unit will work with the Edge 500, 705 and 800 cycle computers as well as the Forerunner 110, 310xt,  and the 405/cx/410 range.

You can purchase online now

We will have them in-store by end of this week. (Friday 4th Feb 2011)



Garmin’s External Fitness Power Pack by powermonkey-eXplorer allowing you to stay off the beaten track for longer.

Designed specifically for Garmin’s range of fitness and outdoor products, this water-resistant power pack houses a 2200mAh lithium-Ion battery capable of recharging 5V devices while remaining robust, compact and lightweight enough for space and weight-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

Suitable for even the most demanding riders, the external power pack provides real power when you need it most – the added 20 hours of extra ride time on the Edge® 800 makes the combination ideal for everything from week-long touring holidays to 24 hour marathon racers.

Users can recharge the pack 3 ways via: the included folding solar panel which allows the external power pack to be recharged to one third in 5 hours and fully within 15 hours; the universal mains charger compatible in more than 150 countries; and USB in under 7 hours.

Box Contents

  • An external battery with miniUSB connector
  • A solar panel charger by Solarmonkey
  • A silicone case for battery
  • A female USB connector
  • A miniUSB connector to round connector
  • Velcro tape for solar panel
  • Velcro tape for Silicone
  • An universal charger with multiple electrical plugs for various countries.



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