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Garmin fenix Chronos – Initial Impressions

fenix Chronos  –  What it’s all about?

The fenix Chronos is the latest addition to Garmin’s outdoor range. The Chronos adds an array of design updates that bring the fenix to a whole new level. All watches are packaged in an amazing metal casing (either marine-grade stainless steel or titanium) with three band options to choose from: leather, steel or titanium. Besides the appearance, the biggest difference between the three variants is the weight, with the titanium weighing only 112 grams compared to the steel at 186 grams.

Other new features include the revised optical Heart Rate sensor which is significantly slimmer than the fenix 3 HR and quick release bands that can be swapped in seconds, not minutes.

What remains the same is the standard yet amazing features from its predecessor. Still included is ABC functionality (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass), 100 metre water resistance, Bluetooth, sunlight readable display and much much more.

So, why buy the Chronos?

Firstly, if you wanted the HR variant fenix 3 with a classic watch feel and design you might be waiting a while. However, the Chronos as mentioned really brings the fenix to a whole new level. With intricate details around the bezel, premium straps, exclusive watch faces, slimmer HR sensor and sleek packaging, it deserves more than to be pigeonholed as a smart watch. As a result, the Chronos should be respected as a high-value premium watch close to other brands such as Tag Heuer, Omega and more.

Our Staff Picks

Chris – Steel

“It’s the best bang for buck.out of the three. I also prefer the links in the strap”

Matt – Leather

“The leather is the lightest of the three”

Rob – Titanium

“Being in a more formal office environment it is the ultimate bling watch”

The fenix Chronos is expected to be available from early October however, pre-orders are necessary to ensure that you will be one of the first to own this highly sought after product upon release. Price is only available on enquiry. You can give us a call on (03) 9598 7888 for more information or to place a pre-order.

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