New Products - March 28, 2014

Garmin fenix2 – Delivery Update

Unfortunately Garmin’s time-frame for the Fenix2 to arrive in store this week has not eventuated. Despite our best efforts we have also not been able to ascertain a very clear answer for an exact delivery date.

Shifting through all of the information we have at this point, our best estimate is there is a delay of at least 1 week.

Please be assured we are doing EVERYTHING we can on a daily basis and are in constant communication with Garmin in an effort to get information to you the moment it comes to hand.

If you have a pre-order in place then you will be in the first batch. If you do not have a pre-order, be quick as we expect this first batch will be sold out by end of the day and will be taking orders for the 2nd batch.

As soon as we have more information, it will be posted here on this blog post.

Batch #2 Update – 15th April 14

We now expect Batch #2 stock to arrive middle of next week, approximately Wednesday 23rd.

All customers the have placed an order are expected to receive a Fenix 2 in this batch.

If you are looking to purchase a Fenix 2, please be aware as at the time of writing this our stock is over 80% sold and that by the time our shipment of Fenix 2’s lands, it is expected that we will be completely sold out.

Batch #2  Another Update – 29th April 14

We have an update today from Garmin Australasia.

Our 2nd batch has been scheduled for arrival in Australia for either Friday the 2nd May or Monday 5th, making the product available to us about 24 business hours later. This will see all of our customers with pre-orders placed between  25th March and just on 10th April filled immediately upon stock arrival.

Following this very quickly 2 days later will be another large batch that will see orders placed between 11th April and today 28th  April completed.

These dates have been confirmed and Garmin have advised they do not expect any further delays now.

Also, for those without an order in place, we advise that we are now taking orders for our 3rd batch that will now be scheduled for delivery around the 4th week of May.

Please accept our apologies for the delay. As I am sure you can appreciate, these delays are completely out of our control. Highly Tuned Athletes takes customers orders very seriously and are fulfilled purely in the order by which they are received.


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