Offers - June 05, 2014

Get Sponsored by Highly Tuned Athletes

At Highly Tuned Athletes, we are passionate about sport and about helping the community who lives and breathes it. We are always looking for ways to get involved and we now have a sponsorship opportunity open.

As a result, we are currently open to applications from a team or club in a triathlon related field that we could help support in order to achieve their team/club goals. While elite individuals are encouraged to apply, teams & clubs will be given preference (so its best apply as part of a team).

The criteria that needs to be met to apply:

  • Ideally team or group.
  • Related to 1 or more of the three Triathlon disciplines (running, cycling or swimming) or
  • Sports related to Highly Tuned Athletes product range.
  • Australian based headquarters/training.
  • Participated events held in Australia.

To apply, please provide the below:

  • Full name, Age and location.
  • Name of team/group.
  • Events held, participated in etc.
  • Proposed method/s of advertising.
  • How would you drive value for the Highly Tuned Athletes brand.
  • Elements outlining the proposed mutually beneficial arrangement.

Please email your application to:

Attention to: Events & Sponsorship:

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