New Products, Product Reviews - September 22, 2016

GoPro HERO5 – Initial Impressions

The GoPro HERO5 was just announced and will be ready to order early October.

So what’s new?

If you’re familiar with the GoPro HERO4 it can be particularly annoying to start recording. Now with just one button you can turn on the camera and start recording. Other issues users can face is utilising the case to protect the camera. Now the HERO5 is water resistant straight out of the box.

Voice control is another additional that is welcomed. There are many situations when using a GoPro is amazing however equally annoying. GoPro users aren’t strangers to completely stopping their activity just to start or stop recording. Take, for example, skiing, snowboarding and riding using the buttons with gloves or having a GoPro mounted a helmet, it is simply frustrating to use.

The touchscreen sees another update, which boasts a size of 2 inches. This is accompanied with a major user interface update, to assist with making the GoPro easier to use. The aim being “anyone should be able to pick up a GoPro and use it”.

For the tech specs, there aren’t any major improvements other than 4k at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames per second. This is a welcome update though we are yet to see just how good the image quality is. Whether there will be another update to the GoPro range with better specs we are yet to see or hear.

For the photo taking abilities, the HERO5 Black has an improved sensor and major software update. GoPro now adds RAW shooting, which is significantly better than JPEG. This is an impressive software feature as raw shooting capabilities are normally reserved for professional cameras. If you’re into your photos and willing to take the next step, this is one of the first steps to improve your images.

The HERO5 is one of the most anticipated camera launches of 2016. Within our offices, we are very excited to see these changes, as they will help make using the GoPro easier. On top of an easier camera to use, improved specs and the price, the GoPro remains to be the ultimate portable action camera.

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