New Products - September 22, 2016

GoPro Karma – Initial Impressions

Anyone in the world with a GoPro has been waiting for this new “Drone” named Karma and we’re happily surprised with its design. We believe it will hit the masses due to its price and ability to travel lightly.

So what makes this drone special?

The GoPro Karma is a three in one drone for the price of $1195.95. Included are the 3 axis gimbal stabilizer, the drone itself, case and the controller.

The drone itself is a masterpiece of design. It’s completely foldable making it extremely portable and weighs just over 1 kg. The drone can reach speeds of up to 55 kilometres per hour, fly a maximum distance of 1 kilometre and fly up to 4,500 metres. The light and compact design haven’t hindered its ability to fly which is essential for a drone to be utilised. On top of this, the drone utilises a stabilizer that can be used separately on the ground giving the user silky smooth footage.

The Karma Grip attaches to the GoPro with the stabiliser from the Drone. This means you can unlock more video possibilities. Normally these alone can price from $300 all the way to $1,000. What sets the Karma Grip apart is that it can control the GoPro from the handle. This means you can power on, stop/start recording, change modes, angle and add tags with complete ease. This means there is no need to buy another remote, attach it, remember to bring and charge it, it’s all included. And there is something else on top of all this, a two-hour battery life.

Lastly and notably, included with this package is the tool to fly the Karma Drone. The controller has no expense spared. Not only does it include a screen, it is touch enabled, 5 inches large and sunlight readable. Furthermore, it has an intuitive interface, making it simple to change the settings whilst in air. Other software inclusions are the flight simulator, automatic fly home or land at a specific location.

And if you’re new to flying drones, Karma has a built-in tutorial and simulator to teach you how to set up the drone, work the sticks, control your camera and fly safely before your first flight.


Maximum Speed 35 mph (15 m/s)
Maximum Distance 3,280 ft (1000m)
Maximum Flight Altitude 14,500 ft (4,500m)
Maximum Wind Resistance 22 mph (10m/s)
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Dimensions (Opened/No Propellers) Length: 12 in (303 mm)

Width: 16.2 in (411 mm)

Height: 4.6 in (117 mm)

Dimensions (Folded/Transport) Length: 14.4 in (365.2 mm)

Width: 8.8 in (224.3 mm)

Height: 3.5 in (89.9 mm)

Propeller Length 10 in (25.4 cm)
Weight 35.5 oz (1,006 g)

The Karma drone has really shaken the market up. This is truly an amazing design and we are itching to get our hands on one to put it to the test. If you want to be the first you can buy the drone for $1,195.95, with stock available late October.

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