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KTI Personal Locator Beacon Review

The KTI Personal Locator Beacon, is an Australian innovation made to last. What makes the KTI so different to the rest of competition, is its battery life and warranty.

If you’re unaware of what a PLB does, it is used to send a distress signal to emergency authorities.

Whilst you shouldn’t be using this device every time you venture out, this device has a 10 year battery replacement interval. Rest assured you can always test the device, before you go out. This amazing battery life is achieved through extensive research and development by the team at KTI.

To achieve this the KTI PLB uses two batteries utilising lithium technology. Using two batteries allows for a backup system, so if one fails for any reason there is another battery to power the device.

Once the device has activated an emergency signal, the GPS will be active between 24-48 hours. The signal is updated as well, with the KTI PLB it is updated every 5 minutes, whereas some devices won’t update position at all. This is exceptionally important for those out near the water or in it.

Another neat feature of the KTI PLB is the antenna. The whip antenna has 360 degree swivel to boost the signal for detection. This is also important as the antenna facing towards the sky and the satellite increasing the accuracy of the signal.

Other features include 66 channel GPS receiver, fast GPS acquisition, strobe light, lightweight, global coverage, water resistance with buoyancy and 3 metre accuracy.

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