New Products - July 10, 2014

Large Garmin Vector Pedal Pod (Cranks 15-18mm)

The larger Garmin Vector Pedal Pod is now available in Australia to fit larger crank arms.

For those riders with bikes/cranks that were previously not compatible with the Garmin Vector, this is a highly anticipated product which will be very well received.

So what’s the difference between these and the original Pedal pod? The new wider pods now fit crank arms up to 15-18mm thick and 44mm in height, where the original pods only fit up to 12-15mm wide and 38mm in height.

Other than these specification differences, the larger Garmin Vector Pedal Pod is identical to the smaller pod. There is no technical difference between the two making it compatible with all releases of the Garmin Vector Pedal and there is also no change in the crank arm length or chain clearance.

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