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Lost GoPro Reunited with its Owner

Highly Tuned Athletes has proved to be the missing link in reuniting a lost GoPro camera with its owner, after it travelled at least 60km across the ocean floor.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Luke Shepley from North Stradbroke Island in Queensland came across the well-worn camera lying on the shore. Remarkably, despite some scratches and sand leakage, it still had plenty of battery life and worked perfectly after spending a month in the ocean.

Determined to find the owner and hand him back the expensive device, Mr Shepley noticed that the most recent video showed a young man catching a wave on his surfboard and in the background identified the buildings as part of the Surfers Paradise shoreline.

Despite launching a facebook campaign that went viral and the story featuring prominently in the Daily Mail, the owner of the GoPro camera was proving elusive.

Enter Highly Tuned Athletes.

Locating the serial number on the GoPro camera, Mr Shepley contacted GoPro who was able to identify that the camera was sold by Highly Tuned Athletes, one of Australia’s largest retailers of GoPro cameras, who in turn was able to identify the customer who purchased the camera through their online store.

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