New Products - April 10, 2014

New Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin has announced the new Garmin Edge 1000 and we can’t wait to get these in stock!

With inclusion of many new software features, including addition of split screen modes in landscape orientation, this major upgrade sees a much slimmer form factor with more screen real estate than ever before. The Garmin Edge 1000 GPS bike computer allows you to set up in-ride challenges and bike specific navigation all on an impressive colour touch screen.

Turn every ride into a competitive outing with Garmin Connect segments and see real-time results! Connected features include live tracking, incoming call, email and text alerts when paired with an iPhone 4s or later.


Coming preloaded with Garmin Cycle Map and round-trip routing, the new Garmin Edge 1000 will let you explore more both on road and off road! The Garmin Edge 1000 also offers advanced performance analysis which integrates with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems.

Buying and Delivery.

Highly Tuned Athletes has positioned itself to be one of the first to obtain the new Garmin Edge 1000 in Australia upon release with an the first delivery set to arrive in late April – early May.

Our recommendation is to buy the Performance bundle at $799, which is only $100 above the standard Edge 1000 with no accessories. The performance bundle comes with several valuable items not seen before;

There is the new separate speed sensor and cadence sensor, both new versions that no longer require magnets and hence less maintenance and less chance for faults due to movement of sensors or misalignment. The bundle also comes with the new Extended Out Front mount that sees the Edge 1000 perfectly placed just beyond the stem. The premium heart rate strap and Aust./NZ TOPO maps (full coverage from minor streets, courts, roads to country fire trails Australia wide)  rounds off nearly $400 of value between the $699 naked Edge 1000 version and the $799 Performance bundle.

We are offering the announced Garmin Edge 1000 product available for pre-order by 10% deposit and balance due approximately one week prior delivery.

One change this year is that we are allowing the keenest customers to receive a FREE Remote control valued at $60 if they make FULL payment and commitment up-front and skip the deposit process.

Visit this link to pre-order now with 10% deposit or Full payment (with FREE Remote)

The Garmin Edge 1000 is available as:

  • UNIT ONLY – includes: Edge 1000, extended out-front mount, standard mount, preloaded maps, tether, USB cable, manuals.
  • PERFORMANCE BUNDLE: Includes: Edge 1000, extended out-front mount, standard mount, preloaded maps, speed sensor, cadence sensor, premium heart rate monitor, tether, USB cable, manuals.

Check out the Product Comparison on previous models:

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