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New Garmin Firmware Updates

Garmin Firmware Updates.

Keeping your Garmin’s firmware up to date is an important end user activity which is well worth the effort in the long run. Firstly, firmware updates are designed to fix any bug issues that may emerge in the “real world”, often originating as a result of user feedback.

Secondly new behavioural features may be added to a product after its release, as an example the recent ability to now auto-lap at 5km intervals on the popular FR110 and FR210’s.

Before you update your firmware, make sure you have downloaded all your history from your device, as some updates are destructive, ie will reset the device back to factory settings, the update revision information will warn you of this, if so.

Read and follow the documentation step by step.

Make sure the update you are performing is suitable for your device.

Lastly, if you have purchased your device from Highly Tuned Athletes, give us a call if you have any problems on (03) 9598 7888.

Forerunner Update Links:

Garmin FR205 V3.00

Garmin FR305 V3.00

Garmin FR405 V2.80

Garmin FR405CX V2.40

Garmin FR60 V2.70

Garmin FR310XT V4.20

Garmin FR110 V2.50 (Use WebUpdater)

Garmin FR210 V2.40 (Use WebUpdater)

Garmin FR410 V2.20

Garmin FR610 V2.60

Garmin FR910 (new product – TBA)

EDGE Update Links:

Garmin EDGE 500 V2.80 (Use WebUpdater)

Garmin EDGE 800 V2.40
(Use WebUpdater)

Garmin Edge 200 V2.00 (Use WebUpdater)

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