New Products - July 04, 2017

New Products From Polar

Polar has just released two new products on the market.

Firstly, the Polar M430 has been given an update from its predecessor, the Polar M400. Wrist-based Heart Rate has been added, plus an array of small but useful features. One of those being wrist-based HR whilst swimming. Since many other running watches disable this functionality, Polar has an edge over its competition in this department.

Some of the other improvements include:

  • Vibration alerts
  • Increased battery
  • Low power GPS mode
  • New wristband design (made to increase accuracy of wrist based HR)
  • New watch faces
  • New sleep tracking software
  • Update software via phone
  • Added Stopwatch functionality
  • Smart notifications


Now the other new addition to Polar’s line up is the Polar A370. Although it hasn’t received a dramatic facelift, the software has improved. The highlight of the A370 is the Sleep Plus tracking software. Another notable update is the ability to gain a GPS signal via a mobile phone. If you prefer a light activity tracker over a full size running watch this might be for you.


Improvements include:

  • Wrist-based HR updates to software
  • Continuous HR – 24/7 tracking
  • Sleep Plus tracking software
  • General software updates

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