Tips & Tricks - August 13, 2012

New Suunto Ambit Firmware Updates – Coming Soon!

September Updates:

– “With the September 2012 software update you can download routes to your Ambit from Movescount. Select from thousands of routes made by others and share  your own. Use the new on-screen route navigation to view your progress and the detailed path to your next destination.”

– “The new local grids in the September 2012 software update include among others the
American (UTM/ NAD27 & 83), British (BNG), Swiss (CH1903) and common European (ETRS89) grids. With local grids  Ambit will match the GPS coordinates with those of your local hiking map.”

November Updates:

– “In addition to the already existing training features – such as Peak Training Effect and Recovery time – the November 2012 software update brings new training features such as chrono, countdown timer, interval timer, ANT+ compatibility and Foot POD support.”

– “The November 2012 software update will take your Ambit to a totally new and unexpected level of functionality and customization. You can create your own features or select from hundreds of community-created applications/features and download those to your Ambit. For example: Do want to know your speed in knots? The gradient of the slope? Your arrival time on your run? Your imagination is the limit!”

– “This was only the beginning…More to come in Fall 2012”

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