FT4, FT7, New Products, Polar, Product Reviews - December 02, 2014

Polar FT4 & FT7 Review

Whilst not recently released products, the Polar FT4 and FT7 HRM watches are still the best ‘bang for your buck’ heart rate monitors available. With Christmas fast approaching and summer well and truly upon us, the Polar FT4 and FT7 are perfect options for those wanting to monitor their fitness or provide the encouragement to get active.

Bundled with Polar’s ultra comfortable soft material Wearlink heart rate strap and H1 transmitter, the FT4 & FT7 will display all the key HR metrics such as heart rate (bpm / % max), average heart rate, maximum heart rate, heart rate zone, as well as calories burned. With an easy to use interface, users can focus on what’s important (their workout) rather than fumbling around with their heart rate monitor watch trying to find the appropriate screen.

New FT4 & FT7 colours available

In the lead-up to Christmas, Polar has released new colours of both the FT4 and FT7, and Highly Tuned Athletes are the first in Australia to offer them! The Blue/Orange unisex FT4 and Lilac/Pink women’s FT7 are sure to be popular, packing all the well-known features in a sharp new design. To view these exciting new colours and the rest of the FT4 & FT7 range.

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