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REVIEW: Comparison of Garmin Forerunner 110 to Garmin 405 range.

The latest GPS running watch from Garmin is the Forerunner 110. It has been out on the market for a few months now. With Garmin already having the Forerunner 405, 405cx available where does the 110 fit in?
The Garmin 405 range
The 405 range has a wealth of features, Virtual partner, the ability to set up interval training sessions, heart rate zones, auto lap, auto scroll, elevation and many more. All of these features are interesting and have their place. These features make it suitable for a range of users, elite athletes or top ranking age groupers, Coaches, athletes with a sports
science background and gadget lovers who want the best.

However what a lot of casual athletes are finding is that while these functions are great they tend to be a novelty to begin with, then once that has worn of the have ended up with a very expensive heart rate monitor and they don’t get much or any use out of these advanced functions. This is where the Forerunner 110 fits in.

The Garmin Forerunner 110

The 110 is a much more simplified GPS sports watch. It is considered a start / stop watch. While training with the 110 you are able to see your current heart rate, distance run (or travelled as it is GPS you can use it for a range of outdoors activities) elapsed time and either your speed or pace. Speed is KPH/MPH and pace is minutes per KM/ Mile. It also has a lap feature.

That is all the information you get while training. Once you have finished training you are able to download to you computer both mac and pc compatible, there you will have a wealth of information. You will see your route mapped out (powered by Google maps) , can see you speed/ pace heart rate distance travelled, elapsed time at any point throughout the run.
The 110 has the GPS technology from the forerunner 405cx with the hot fix GPS receiver , it will predict satellite location, which means you can be out the door and on with you training session in not time. So if you want a GPS heart monitor that won’t break the bank and cover most of the important information the Forerunner 110 is a valid option.

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