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Suunto Ambit Heart Rate Belt Clarification and new Firmware releases schedule

A major question recently has been centered around which Heart Rate Belts work with the new Ambit. Below is some details clarifying the use of existing Dual Belts, as used with Quest and the M-series, and the new Suunto ANT belt which is being shipped with the Ambit.

The Suunto Dual Belt has been designed to be used with Fitness/Training products whereas the new Suunto ANT belt is better suited for the needs of Ambit target consumer segment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Suunto have clarified that the AMBIT can be used with Suunto Dual Belt. So, if a customer already owns a Dual Belt or want to use/purchase a Dual Belt instead of the Suunto ANT Belt he/she can do so.

The difference between the new Suunto ANT Belt and Dual Belt is that the Dual Belt is compliant with selected gym equipment and the new ANT Belt is not.
The differences between the new Suunto ANT Belt and the old Suunto ANT Belt and are the following:
1)      new ANT belt with AMBIT uses different (significantly better) filter for heart rate data
2)      it includes the so called Sensor ID number in the message sent by the belt
3)      includes special pairing bit (used by Quest & M-Series), that’s irrelevant for proximity pairing used by Ambit
4)      important visual difference: Sensor ID is laser marked on the back of the module, near the serial number

Also the FAQ section on Suuntos website has been updated on AMBIT. The updated content in the FAQ 1.5 is the following:
1)      The answer to the question about what HR belts Ambit supports has been modified
2)      A clarification has been added that the promise of log time of 16h with all recordings on doesn’t include having autolaps on.
3)      Added Q and A about the fact that Ambit needs to be in TIME mode when you transfer logs or settings to/from Movescount.
4)      Added instructions for how to put off the time sync from PC

AMBIT 1.5 Software update release content – to be launched in May 2012
As promised, AMBIT features will be enhanced over time through SW-updates.

Suunto’s plan for the content of AMBIT SW 1.5 release in the end of May 2012 is the following:
·        Route creation and navigation based on waypoints
·        Improvements in how waypoints are named and listed
·        Improvements in how compass and navigation can be used while exercising
·        Manual adding of waypoints directly in Ambit
·        Some additional local grids and datums

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The above listing of AMBIT SW 1.5 release content is subject to change! Stay tuned.

·        During May’12 we will announce the tentative listing of the new features in the upcoming AMBIT SW 2.0 release – targeted to launch in October’12. This AMBIT 2.0 SW release in October’12 will have a much bigger scope in comparison to the 1.5 SW release.
·        By 21st March we’ll open the<> feedback channel for you, trade customers and consumers. Information on this opportunity will be found on the bottom right corner of the AMBIT web page at
AMBIT Manuals and How to Use Videos now available
·        Ambit manual is now available at on the Ambit product pages.
·        Also the AMBIT how to use videos have been uploaded to Youtube.
Here’s a link to the intro video:
The rest of the Suunto AMBIT videos you can find on the right hand side list of videos in YouTube once you have clicked the above link.

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