Tips & Tricks - June 12, 2012

SUUNTO AMBIT New Firmware update V1.5.10

It must be update day today in the Fitness world as along with the earlier announced Garmin 910xt update, we also see that the  Suunto Ambit update V1.5 is also available as of today.

We recommend that owners of an Ambit log in to their Movescount and perform the update.

A video of the new features is available at the following site:

Suunto Ambit 1.5 update available!

Suunto Ambit owners will find a wealth of new enhanced navigation features and friendly improvements in the software update 1.5. It will further strengthen especially the navigation and GPS functionalities. The update includes new features, such as:

Route creation and navigation based on waypoints:
You can create a route based on individual waypoints in Download the route to your Ambit and navigate through it waypoint by waypoint. Ambit notifies you when you have reached a waypoint and guides you to the next. Release 1.5 also enhances navigation by showing the name of the waypoint you are heading towards.

Points of Interest (POIs):
In addition to route navigation you can still create individual Points Of Interest and navigate to them. In Release 1.5 POIs can be added manually independent of your location. Stored POIs are categorized according to type, making it easier to search POIs in a list.

You can now view and examine all your previous sessions stored in the watch.

Better views:
Compass and Navigation views are now accessible also in exercising mode.
Read more about new features and how to update your Ambit from Suunto Ambit version update. Other languages available: CZ, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JP, PL, RU, SV.

NOTE: You need to have the latest version of Moveslink2 to update your Ambit. Please restart your Moveslink2 to get the latest version.

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