New Products - August 16, 2010

Suunto Elementum

It’s finally here. After a long wait and a lot of work from both The Outdoor Watch Company and Amer Sports the Suunto Elementum is available in Australia.

With a range that comes in 3 models Terra (land), Aqua (diving), Ventus (Sailing).
All are fantastic looking and top quality precision watches that will stand out at any social event you may attend or provide you with necessary information you require when engaging in a range of outdoor activities.
All models have all the standard watch functions you would expect, Time, Date, Alarm, Stopwatch and all are available with a range of band choices, Rubber, Leather, or Steel.
The Terra is a beautiful ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) watch. Capable of indicating changes in barometric pressure, has a electronic compass and can record changes in altitude.


This is the chunkiest of the 3 model and in my opinion the best looking, (Personally I have gone for the Terra as it is the most suitable for the activities I enjoy) The Aqua can measure and record current depth and changes in depth. It also has an auto sensor so it know when it is submerged in water and automatically display the depth gage screen.
A great tool for any keen sailor, As with the Terra the Ventus has an electronic compass to assist with navigation, A count timer which beeps every ten seconds to help get your timing right at the start of the race. It is also about to display the current barometric pressure and changes in barometric pressure.
As I said early I have personally gone for the Terra and apart from a night out at the casio I have not completed any field testing. I will provide another entry once I have completed some further testing.

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