New Products - August 17, 2010

Suunto M Series

To go hand in hand with the moves count website Suunto has just release the M series.
We will be getting them in stock shortly. I must say they look good, but today I wanted to look at the M series test on the Suunto web site.
This is a great way to decide what heart rate monitor is going to suit your needs the best and also give you some basic training guidance.

Once again Suunto have outdone themselves with the flash programming and useability, if the m-series flash tool is anything to go by, the watch will be awesome.

After advising your preferred language and gender you then proceed to choose a few categories to find out some really useful personal information.

Why exercise with a HRM, Which HRM is best for me, how intensive should I exercise and how many calories do I need daily.

I recommend that you have a look at all the sections, I personally like the how intensive should I exercise. A very quick and easy way to look at your heart rate zones and the range you should be training in depending on what you want to achieve in that session.

So if you are new to exercising or just getting back into it. I urge you to consider having a look at the Suunto M series and the Suunto website for the Heart rate monitor test. Once the range is available I will complete some product testing and complete review on the new range.

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