New Products - September 11, 2014

The Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker

The Garmin Vivosmart is the Activity Tracker that also provides Smart Notifications. They’re now available for pre-order from us.


  • Displays steps, calories, distance and time of day
  • Vibration alerts for calls, texts and emails from your smartphone
  • Easy operation using touch and swipe
  • Inactivity alert reminds you to move
  • Auto goal keeps you challenged


Vivosmart offers a new sleeker design when compared to the first release Vivofit. The invisible display comes to life when taped or when you receive a notification. The OLED display then shines through the band to reveal your steps, distance travelled, calories burned and time of day. The Garmin Vivosmart has great day to day functionality with a battery that lasts for up to 7 days. You can also set a sleep mode at your bed time to ensure a good night rest and you can wear the Vivosmart in the shower or when swimming with no worries. Smart notifications are an excellent addition to this wearable device. Each time you receive a text, email or call from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet, the Vivosmart gently vibrates and displays the information. You can then simply swipe the screen to read more.

Research has shown that prolonged periods of inactivity decrease your body’s production of fat-burning enzymes. After 1 hour of inactivity, the Vivosmart detects that you haven’t moved and vibrates to let you know that it’s time to get up and walk for a couple of minutes. The most beneficial feature is the personalised daily goals. The Garmin Vivosmart not only learns your current activity level, it assigns an attainable daily goal then adjusts your goal for the next day to slowly improve your lifestyle and fitness. When you decide to take it to the next level, you can then add a heart rate monitor for more accurate and detailed data.


Highly Tuned Athletes is an authorised Australian Garmin dealer and we have the Garmin Vivosmart on pre-order with stock expected to arrive mid-October! The Vivosmart is available with or without a heart rate monitor and in five colours.

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