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THIS WEEKS SUMMARY: Friday 28-Jan-2011

    1. Price drop on Timex Global Trainer.
    2. Jan/Feb Giveaway – Win a GARMIN EDGE 800 valued at $649.
    3. Firmware on Garmin Forerunner 110.
    4. Pressure testing and battery change service coming soon to HTA,
    5. A solution to get Google maps back on Garmin Connect.
1. Price drop on Timex Global Trainer..

Timex Global Trainer prices have dropped in Australia and we at HTA believe we are the cheapest.
We now have them as follows;

Timex Global Trainer – Without heart rate $289
Timex Global Trainer – INCLUDING heart rate $319
Timex Global Trainer – INCLUDING heart rate & Speed/Cadence unit $369

All can be viewed here:
TIMEX GLOBAL TARINERS @ Highly Tuned Athletes

2. Jan/Feb Giveaway – Win a GARMIN EDGE 800 valued at $649.
Don’t forget our competition for $649 worth of Garmin Edge 800
with heart rate, speed/cadence and TOPO maps. Valued at $649.00
Check out the Jan/Feb Edge 800 Giveaway HERE
3. Firmware on Garmin Forerunner 110.

The recent Garmin Forerunner 110 firmware upgrade revision from 2.20 to 2.30 has created an issue that will cause your unit to intermittently display heart rate on the screen.

###### DO NOT INSTALL revision 2.30 ######
Wait for Rev 2.40

It appears as though you cannot downgrade from 2.30 back to 2.20. So you are best to avoid 2.30 altogether.
Garmin are aware of the issue and are attempting to fix it.

You can follow the thread on Cool Running for any further updates.

Do Not Install – Garmin 110 Firmware 2.30 – Cool Running Messageboards

4. Pressure Testing and Battery changes; Coming Soon to Highly Tuned Athletes.

One of our most requested items in store is to change batteries in heart rate monitors.

As this requires any watch unit to then go through pressure testing, which is about a $10,000 investment in equipment, like many retailers of fitness gear, we simply do not have the equipment.

However, this is about to change,around March this year we will have all the necessary equipment and skills to complete full dry and wet pressure testing up to 100 metre specifications. (More than most sport watches)

We will keep you informed with more information as we get closer.

5. Don’t like Bing maps on Garmin Connect ?

Recently Garmin switched from Google maps to Bing maps when using the online software “Garmin Connect”

This change caused a massive uproar as Bing maps at the time was very inferior. Whilst they have improved greatly after Garmin requested some better detail in the maps, they are still lacking in some areas.

Now there is a useable fix to force Garmin Connect to use Google maps. It requires the user to download and Install Google’s Chrome browser, plus download a small plug-in called Gfix.  Both are easy to do and below is the link for the Plug-In Gfix.

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