Tips & Tricks - December 22, 2010

THIS WEEKS SUMMARY: Wednesday 22-Dec

    1. Winner of December Giveaway.
    2. Jan/Feb Giveaway – Win a GARMIN EDGE 800 valued at $649.
    3. Timex Sale (with a twist) 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Free.
    4. Run with Peter “Chilliman”  from our store – 6:30pm Thursday 23rd.
    5. New Years message and New News News !!!!
1. Winner of December Giveaway.

The winner of the brand new Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor is……..


Who is Scooter?  We think we know, but if the real scooter could contact us, your Garmin 410 is ready for you !
2. Jan/Feb Giveaway – Win a GARMIN EDGE 800 valued at $649.
This time around we have the top of the range Garmin Cycle Computer, the Edge 800 with heart rate, speed/cadence and TOPO maps. Valued at $649.00
Check out the Jan/Feb Edge 800 Giveaway HERE
3. Timex Sale (with a twist) 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Free.

….with a Twist.  That’s right, Timex is on clearance. We started at 30% discount on all Timex HRM’s and Ironman watches (except Global Trainer and WS4) and every Monday we reduce them by another 10%.
From Monday 20th Dec 50% off.
From Monday 27th Dec 60% off.
From Monday 3rd Jan 70% off.
From Monday 10th Jan 80% off.
From Monday 17th Jan 90% off.
From Monday 24th Jan 100% off, yes FREE just pay the postage.
See them here: TIMEX SALE (with a twist)
YES, thats correct, they keep coming down till they are ALL gone!
Some models are now sold out, so pick the price you want to pay, keep a close eye on it though as if it sells out before it gets to your price point, then there is no further stock available.

4. Run with Peter “Chilliman”  from our store – 6:30pm Thursday 23rd Dec.

Peter is conducting one of his infamous “Rat runs” from the HTA store at 579 Hampton St, Hampton. be out front of store for a 6.30 sharp start and optional pizza next door afterwards. For more details, CLICK HERE (just replace all details Thursday 23rd Dec)

5. New Years message and New News News !!!!

Apologies for being slow on the weekly updates we have been flat chat as you can imagine with Xmas period. However, we have received many well wishes and want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all of our customers for what has been a record year.
So what’s happening next year, well just a couple of snippets to some things in the pipeline for 2011.
We will continue to expand our range of brands with Tissot being one on the cards for early 2011. ZeroRh+ is in store now and the ability to provide modern prescription eyewear to the sportsperson is on its way late January.
Also to be introduced is a full Pressure testing facility to not just change watch batteries, but put them through the correct water testing procedure for piece of mind, and at a reasonable price With equipment costing close to $10,000, we hope to add to our ability to not just provide technical assistance, but also quality maintenance.
Booked in is a trip for HTA at the late April 3 day Sydney event known as the Fitness Expo (Fizbo), so we hope to see some of our Sydney customers come along and say hello.
That’s the first half covered, the 2nd half of the year could see many ideas we have around here come to life. Training courses is on the development board and more web based interaction such as forums, feedback, Q&A’s and FAQ’s will be explored.
What wont change is our commitment to provide Australia’s #1 Heart rate monitor store.

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