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UPDATE: Power Balance finally exposed by ACCC as not having any scientific substance

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) has placed orders upon Power Balance Australia after the company finally admitted that there was no credible scientific evidence to support that the Holographic band provided any benefits in either power, balance or strength. In fact, a few months ago, Choice conducted some tests and concluded that it did little else than empty purchasers’ wallets. You can read the various reports; one on HERE plus the video of Graeme Samuel’s take on it all is on the same site. If you still think these are ridgy didge, then have a look at how it is debunked HERE (It is a longish video, but a bit of fast forward to at least half way will give you info on the trickery involved.
Finally, here at HTA we feel somewhat vindicated in our early call to get out and the hell away from this product. Power Balance have now admitted to misleading conduct which is a breach of the Trade Practices Act.

Here at Highly Tuned Athletes, for a period of a few weeks in the middle of 2010, we sold the Power Balance bands as an authorised retailer. After further investigation, we felt uneasy about selling these to the public and ceased all sales. At the same time, we also requested to be removed from Power Balances website. The exact date this all occurred escapes me a bit now, but I do also strongly recall the number of bands sold both online and in store did not exceed 20, as the only order was for qty 24 and 2 of these are kicking around my house in bottom drawers and the last 2 were given away to a mate.
If you have purchased an original authentic Power Balance band, then the good news is that you can get a complete refund. I haven’t tried it as yet but the ACCC suggests that a call to Power Balance will result in a full refund. Call 1800 733 436 and ask for a refund, or you can view the Corrective Notice HERE
If you see someone wearing one, do them a favour, politely tell them its a load of phony (as now admitted by Power Balance) and that they now at least have a bone-fide method to get their money back.
If you bought one, don’t feel bad, you are not the only one !!!!! If it was from HTA, then give us a call on 03-9598-7888 and we will instantly refund your money.
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