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Vector 2 Upgrade Kit

For cyclists who purchased the original Garmin Vector pedal-based power meter, Garmin have answered their prayers by engineering a Vector 2 Upgrade Kit. Not only is the Upgrade Kit infinitely easier to fit, but there’s next to no risk of damaging pedal pods thanks to Garmin’s nifty new design. We look into what’s included in the Upgrade Kit below, as well as a brief rundown of the new advanced cycling dynamics: Platform Centre Offset, Cycling Position, and Power Phase.

Vector 2 Upgrade Kit: What’s included

When Garmin announced the Vector 2 and 2S systems, we received many questions from our customer-base asking what was required to fit Vector 2 pedal pods to an original Vector system. Knowing that the process wasn’t as simple as interchanging Vector 1 pedal pods with the new design, we asked Garmin what additional components would be required. We can now reveal that the Vector to Vector 2 Upgrade Kit includes the following:

Garmin Vector 2 pedal pods (x2)

An obvious inclusion, the Vector 2 pedal pods are a godsend for Vector 1 customers who are looking to replace their Vector 1 pedal pods (which are no longer available as a spare part). Furthermore, the Vector 2 pedal pods output LED status messages which can be interpreted based on the colour and number of flashes emitted. This is handy for knowing when the pedal pods are operating correctly, the status of the battery, and troubleshooting issues.

Garmin Vector 2 cartridges (x2)

Most of the Vector 1 pedals featured Nylon bushings within the cartridges that can wear down over time, resulting in pedal wobble.  The cartridges provided in the Vector 2 Upgrade Kit feature brass bushings preventing this issue from occurring again.

Washers (x2) and hardware

These seemingly insignificant washers are actually the most critical components in the Vector 2 Upgrade Kit. Without them, customers run the risk of damaging their cranks during installation/removal of their pedals. The washers take up the recessed lip present on the spindles of the original Vector pedals.

Upgrade tools

Required for fitment of the new pedal pods.


Provide all the important information relating to fitment, pairing with your Garmin Edge bike computer (or other compatible device), and understanding the new LED status messages. For those interested, here’s a copy.

Vector 2 Upgrade Kit: Advanced cycling dynamics

When Garmin released firmware version 2.70 for the original Vector system back in December 2014, they added calculation and output of Platform Centre Offset and Power Phase. More recently (April 2015) they added Cycling Position with the release of version 3.50, allowing Vector 1 customers to enjoy all the new cycling dynamics found in the new Vector 2 pedal-based power meters. For those who aren’t familiar with these metrics, here’s a quick run-down of how the information can benefit you:

Platform Centre Offset

Platform Centre Offset is the location on the pedal platform where you apply force. It helps you identify where force is being applied on each pedal, and can be used to improve pedalling efficiency and prevent injuries.

Cycling Position

Cycling Position records when and where time is spent in the saddle (seated) or standing. This allows riders to determine which position is more effective during specific cycling conditions (hill climbs, sprints).

Power Phase

Power Phase is the pedal stroke region (between the start crank angle and the end crank angle) where you produce positive power. By knowing the crank angle where maximum torque is generated, you can develop strategies to improve your stroke.

Vector 2 Upgrade Kit: Release date

As of today, Garmin Australia still do not have a confirmed date as to when the Vector to Vector 2 Upgrade Kit will hit Australian shores. That being said, we believe that they are not far away and advise interested customers to pre-order now to avoid missing out on initial stock. There will be four (4) versions: dual-sensing Upgrade Kits for both 12-15 mm cranks and 15-18 mm cranks, and single-sensing (for Vector S) Upgrade Kits for both 12-15 mm cranks and 15-18 mm cranks.

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