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Vivosmart Bluetooth Troubleshooting

Having trouble re-pairing your Vivosmart activity tracker with your smartphone? Highly Tuned Athletes will run you through the appropriate steps to take so that you can take advantage of Bluetooth Smart features such as Smart notifications (text, email, calls etc.) and automatic sync with Garmin Connect.


  • Firstly, check that your smartphone is compatible with the Vivosmart. Garmin provides a current list at the following link.
  • Ensure that your smartphone operating system, Vivosmart firmware, and Garmin Connect app are all up to date.
  • Confirm that Bluetooth is activated in smartphone Settings.
  • Make sure that Garmin Connect app is running in the background in order to maintain Bluetooth pairing.

To re-pair Vivosmart:

  1. Open Garmin Connect app;
  2. Double tap on the face of the Vivosmart to activate the device;
  3. Press and hold the face of the Vivosmart until the settings options appear;
  4. Swipe through the settings until you see the Bluetooth symbol;
  5. Press the Bluetooth symbol;
  6. Press the right arrow once;
  7. Touch Pair;
  8. Touch OK to the right of “Pair Mobile Device?”.


If you’re still having difficulty pairing or re-pairing your Vivosmart, feel free to phone us on (03) 9598 7888 or drop into our showroom at 579 Hampton Street, Hampton VIC 3188.

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